This website documents my nightmare purchase of a 1978 Ducati 900ss ex John Oldfield from FUCHS MOTORRAD, GERMANY in order that others do not make the same mistake. I paid 16.000 Euros and have since lost 8.000 Euros on the bike, to date I have not received 1 Euro in compensation, see more detailed comments below.


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Richard Tunstall, Aalborg, Denmark





As shown above the showroom looks impressive, as does the website showing 40+ motorcycles and cars but buyer beware they will sell anything for a high price without checking it over. They stated in the advert and in emails that the bike had "English documentation" which I assumed meant an English registration certificate, I bought through a Ducati agent (Back to Classics, Holland) that failed to check this, it turned out the bike had no registration certificate and was therefore worthless.


Another thing they failed to check was the engine which upon expection back at Back to Classics workshop was completely finished, the conrods and big-end were extremely noisey and after dismantling the engine a couple of weeks later it was a miracle the engine still turned over.


Wolfgang Fuchs provided no receipt with the bike (I wonder why) when asked to provide one he said "certainly" but despite repeated attempts I have never received one, I even sent a copy of what I was expecting but again no response, he probably wants to forget he ever sold this bike.


At the start he did send an email where he said he would pay for the work required, nothing has happened as a result.


After stripping down the engine to ascertain what the problems were I was left no other option than to rebuild it again, this is now complete at a cost of 6.000 Euros and to register the bike in Denmark is going to cost 2.000 Euros (he could have done it in Germany before selling it) making a total of 8.000 Euros just to get the bike that was originally described.


Wolfgang himself will promise anything and deliver absolutely nothing, he just says he is busy with "other work" which must mean all the other customers that are complaining ?


I was buying at a long distance so I bought through an experienced Ducati agent (Back to Classics) and I bought from a respected dealer (Fuchs Motorrad) both have cost me a fortune, I would have done better to buy through Ebay at least there I would have a chance of getting an honest seller.




Other "first class" motorcycles for sale at Fuchs Motorrad I wonder what is wrong with them !

I would like to translate this page into German, if you can help me I would be extremely grateful Richard